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Rapport från utvecklingsgruppens träningsläger på Öckerö

20 NOV 2019 18:19
Development group's camp October 25-27 at Öckerö Skytteförening
  • Uppdaterad: 20 NOV 2019 18:19

Development group's camp October 25-27 at Öckerö Skytteförening

This training camp was the occasion to start and launch the coming season. The group had the opportunity to define their goals for the year and to set up their plan to reach them.

Participants during the camp:
                      - Pontus Rinaldo, Göteborg
                      - Pontus Nordgren, Stockholm
                      - Sara Palmgren, Göteborg
                      - Bernt Alpenhoff, Malmö PK
                      - Mats Johannesson, Stockholm
                      - Izabella Frejd , Öckerö
                      - Laetitia Forget, Uppsala
                      - Adeline Mercier, Uppsala

                      - Lars Erik Bjuhr, leader juniors in the development group
                      - Lars Palmgren, senior management leader in the development group
                      - Magnus Thöresson, coach and leader

Invited trainers:
                      - Sara Nordgren, Stockholm

This camp allowed the shooters to identify, analyze their achievements and the elements to work on or improve along this new season.
The first day was the occasion to work mainly on the technique. Through a dry shooting session, the shooters could redefine the key steps of their shooting technique, including the position, the grip holding and the skottplan.

Once the essentials elements have been identified, the shooters were able to test their skottplan though different exercises based on repetition. A work that is not evaluated with points but with a tight grouping of the shots on the target.
Then, they had the opportunity to challenge their technique while being under pressure with an exercise combining performance and pace (30 shots in 15 minutes) followed by a final.
It was a development camp not only for shooting, but also a camp where the participants got to learn about the impact of the diet on performance.
Lars Erik’s presentation delivered the main message that acknowledged how nutrition is a performance factor. Timing, quantity and quality are decisive parameters to establish a performing nutrition. Although nutrition is not a direct performance factor, it undeniably contributes to performance conditions and becomes therefore a strategic element of the shooter’s preparation.
Later on the same day, the participants got the opportunity to apply these recommendations and advices through a team-building activity. After cutting and preparing all the ingredients, everyone could make and enjoy their delicious wrap as a healthy snack.

The first day ended with discussions and settings of objectives for each shooter for the coming year as well as the ways they mean to reach them.
Different types of objectives have been set: main goals, milestones, process goals, ranking goals and ambition goals. An excel sheet was provided as a dashboard in order to precisely keep track of the trainings (both technical and physical) and the competitions for the year.

The second day started with an intense dry shooting training (joined feet, eyes closed, normal position). With a particular attention to the feeling of the position, this work also implied reinforcing the physical conditions of the shooters as well as their mindset.
This camp ended with a last final where the shooters were able to put into practice and challenge the work done during the weekend.
Pontus Nordgren was challenged by face to face shooting conditions with a left handed shooter (Mats).
Bernt, on the other hand, experienced a high sugar consumption throughout the entire final to observe the effects on his performance and physical feeling. That did not prevent him from performing and reach the 3rd place behind Laetitia and Mats who fought for the first place on a tight and pretty noisy shoot off. Meanwhile, the other shooters perfectly fulfilled their mission of active supporters in order to provide similar conditions to those of a real final.
A final round of discussions gave the shooters the opportunity to share their observations, reflections and what they will “take with them” from these rich two days. Sharing experiences and perspectives among shooters and trainers was one of the essential benefit of this camp. 

Laetitia Forget & Adeline Mercier

Skribent: Mikael Andersson
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